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Offshore oil and gas production platforms are surrounded by a huge power source - the energy of the ocean itself - which oil and gas complexes can use for their main power source. When an oil company finds the field is no longer economic to operate, governments require that the wells, their supporting offshore platforms and their pipelines be removed to 15 feet below the mud line. Once this multi-million "infra-structure" has been removed, and up to 90% of the oil reserves are left in the ground, these reserves may never be recovered.

Using the power of the oceans allows:
            oil and gas to be produced long after the reservoir pressure has dropped to an otherwise uneconomic level
            down-hole pumps and compressors to increase the flowing pressure and flow rates of the wells
            increased recoverable reserves, revenue and rates of return
            gas to be sold that would otherwise be burned for fuel
            reservoir pressure and production rates to remain high longer
            companies and governments to lower their carbon emissions
            reduced diesel consumption, resulting in fuel and operating cost reductions.

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Ocean Energy Benefits for Oil Companies
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