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Offshore Islands Limited can provide engineering and project management for the lowest cost fixed or floating offshore platforms and the lowest cost renewable ocean power generation systems on the market today.

For your next project, we can provide:

            the lowest capital and operating cost offshore field development plans that will the best field development economics
            preliminary FEED designs and budget costs
            client representation during final design, fabrication and most forms of installation including float-over deck installations
            preparation of major requests for quotations (RFQs) & contract scopes of work
            soil boring and environmental data collection
            bidding, bid evaluation & contract negotiation
            on-time and within budget project management
            certification, classification & government liaison
            maintenance, inspection and repair procedures
            platform sales / removals / relocations / reuse
            renewable ocean power generation systems

We are experienced in providing these services for most types of fixed and floating offshore platforms including: Jackets, Towers, Jack-ups, Semi's, TLP's, FPS's, FSO's, FPSO's, SPM's, Spar Buoys and TLCWPs©. These services include associated surface and sub-surface hardware like subsea trees, flowlines, risers, umbilcals, pipelines, subsea manifold centers, etc.

Our patents will lower the cost of offshore platforms in almost any water depth. Our new mooring system and hull design are the fastest to fabricate and to install of all floating offshore platform options on the market today. Other patents are underway which will further reduce offshore oil field development costs in the near future. Our new low cost renewable ocean power generation systems make it possible to generate significant renewable ocean power economically and competitively today providing countries with major coastlines the ability to be energy independent and a major exporter of electric power.

We can help you with your field development's schedule, capital cost, rate of return, cash flow and total profit, providing the building blocks you need to turn your offshore field discovery into the lowest cost and highest rate of return operating reality in the shortest period of time.
Offshore Islands Limited