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The “Current Catcher”© harnesses the power and fluctuations of the ocean’s currents to generate energy. It uses cones to increase the velocity of the ocean current and to direct it to the turbine blades to maximize the production of energy, which, in turn, is transferred through electrical swivels. The “Current Catcher”© uses conventional low-cost steel tubular frames. These frames can support both ocean and tidal current power generators rigidly fixed to the seabed or moored to the seabed.
The strongest currents in the world are often in locations where the current is forced to funnel between two land masses – such as between the Yucatan Peninsula & Cuba, or between Cuba & Florida. In these two locations, there is enough current energy to supply the continuous electric power needs of North, Central and South America. However, the “Current Catcher”© is also extremely effective even in areas of relatively low current.

“Current Catchers”©
            cause no pollution, visual or otherwise.
            are located far enough below the water’s surface to cause no navigational hazards. ‘Power farms’ will be clearly marked on navigation
            attract and support marine life, like offshore platforms. Fish swim normally with the current, pass unharmed through the generators.
            can be installed and maintained using conventional techniques which have been used in the oil industry for over 20 years. All of the
            required technology, generators and materials exist and the frames can be built and installed anywhere in the world.
            can be combined (with wave generators) into ‘power farms’.

Ocean Current Generator (“Current Catcher”©)
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