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                The new low cost hull has 4+ flat sides and is flat on the top and flat on the bottom.

                It can be made from an existing oil tanker or fabricated using the latest oil tanker cargo block design and fabrication technology, which
                makes it very stable.

                It has the lowest cost per tonne fabrication of any floating offshore platform.
                The large open hull provides space for process equipment that would normally be placed on the deck, enabling lower deck cost and a
                reduced platform VCG.

                Deck modules can be placed on top of the hull, onshore, thus eliminating offshore deck installation costs and lowering offshore hook-up
                and commissioning (HU&C) costs.

                The hull can be moored with any type of mooring system. The most common system would be a spread mooring in shallow water;
                however, in deep water, the tension leg counterweight mooring system should be the lowest cost mooring system especially combined
                with riser support needs.
Multi-Sided Hull
(Click icon to view an example
of the Multi-Sided Hull)
For fabrication and installation details, please refer to the attached brochure.
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