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These low-cost systems enable the generation of economical and renewable ocean power. Countries with major coastlines now have the ability to be energy-independent, and also to become major exporters of electric power themselves.


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Offshore Islands Limited - 5 New Patents
US Patent #6899049
US Patent #7287935
US Patent #7319278
US Patent #7215036
1. Low cost floating offshore platform - the "Ocean Fortress"
2. Low cost mooring system - in combination with the floating hull - "Tension Leg Counter Weight Platform" (TLCWP)
3. Ocean Wave Power Generator
4. Ocean Current Power Generator
5. Offshore Power Generator
If made from an existing tanker, the hull will be the lowest cost and fastest installed floating platform in the world
Its size ensures stability and maximum safety
It can be used in shallow/ultra deep water; in mild/harsh environments.
Used to anchor most floaters in shallow/ultra deep water
Uses the minimum number of mooring legs, which go straight to the bottom
The mooring legs can also laterally support risers, eliminating the need for VIV suppression systems on the risers
The mooring systemís dampening can be adjusted to meet required vessel motion.
Traps and generates significant power from normal, everyday currents along the coastlines of most countries around the world
Far enough below the waterís surface, it
Generates significant power from normal, everyday waves along the coastlines of most countries around the world
Works best when used in conjunction with the Ocean Current Power Generator.
Provides a structure to support all types of power generators

It also allows the re-use of existing offshore structures to support all methods of offshore renewable energy power generation.
- ocean wave/ocean current/wind/solar
Can serve as support for the Ocean Wave Power Generator
Combined, the systems can mutually benefit from the power farm infrastructure including the Offshore Power Generator
US Patent #7352078
- is not visible from the shore
- will not interfere with normal small craft traffic
- is not disturbed by storm wave action